It all started as a hobby…

Both my mom and dad love travelling. They've travelled throughout different provinces in Canada, various states in the US, even did some sight seeing in the Caribbean. They love driving around and are always doing side trips to explore. In every city they've visited, they are always on the look out for stone shows as they have always been attracted by the beauty of crystals and gemstones. Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 travel restrictions hit, they were forced to stay home and hit pause on their nomad lifestyle. During the time spent at home, they spent a lot of time reminiscing and talking about their travels in the past years through their gemstone and crystal collection.

And thats when Mutya was born. Inspired by our Filipino heritage, from our family to yours…
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Founded amidst the current pandemic, Mutya has gone from being a quarantine hobby to a dream come true. What started out as a way to keep our family sane in our kitchen table has spread to become a source of self-expression for others- and for that we are very grateful.

 At Mutya, our mission is to bring you finely handcrafted gemstone jewelry that not only speak volumes about who you are but also resonate with the energies of your highest chakras. Each gemstone combination are thoughtfully made not just to look pretty but also to complement each stone's properties.

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